McKenna Grey Readers Review Team

Thank you for being a devoted (or new) McKenna Grey fan! Your support is what keeps me writing. Members of the review team are asked to review my new releases or advanced reader copies. Previously-published books are also available on a limited basis. 

I don't expect or require members of the team to spend all their time posting about my books (though it is always appreciated). This exclusive team is about reading great books (and I hope you think so), and share what you like most about them. 



What is a review team? In the publishing industry, it is a common practice to provide advance review/reader copies (ARCs) in exchange for an honest review posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or your favorite book platform. You will join a select group of readers who have volunteered to read and then to review advance copies of my new releases. 

What's in it for me? Aside from helping out an author and feeling super good about it, you get to be among the first to read new books—for free! Win-win.  

Do I have to read every book? Nope! While I would be thrilled if you did, I do understand that some prefer suspense and thrillers while others like sweet and wholesome, and sometimes there simply isn't time. No problem. However, if you do request to read a specific book, and then download the provided ARC, I will expect that you plan to review said book. 

Do I have to have previously read one of McKenna's books? You do not! I always welcome first-timers to the bookish family.

By applying to join, you agree to the following (please read carefully) . . . 

  • I have to be able to confirm you are, in fact, a real person. This can be done by providing a blog, Goodreads profile, or Amazon reviewer profile.

  • Membership does not depend on star ratings. I want honest reviews! If my books aren't your cup of tea, by all means, you’re entitled to your opinion. If you love my work, well then, we'll get along famously. The only thing I ask, beg, and plead is that you DO NOT give spoilers. Really, this ruins the book for everyone.

  • I want reviewers who understand what they’re reviewing. That means that if you only read science fiction or erotic romance and you join my review team (I write what I write.), then want to give a bad review because you don't like the genres or prefer books with more sex, this is not the group for you. Please understand and consider what you’re reading and review with that in mind.

  • You are not signing up for free books that you might eventually get to. When you accept a book for review, you are doing so with the understanding that an honest review is provided within three weeks of download. Members who fail to post in a timely fashion will forfeit future books and their membership on the team. Okay, I'm not a complete ogre. If you have a legit reason (life happens) for not reviewing on time, please let me know.

  • Members must email links to their reviews. I'm not going to annoy you with follow-ups, because that would be annoying, nor do I check retailers for new reviews.

  • You must know how to open .mobi or .epub. I use BookFunnel and BookSirens for ARC delivery, and they both make it super easy! Limited paperback editions will be available for U.S. shipping only. 

  • International members welcome.

  • Due to all kinds of headaches, published authors, unfortunately, should not join the review team. 


And in closing . . . ARCs are sent with embedded protection to avoid piracy. This protection helps me to identify anyone who might, in a moment of weakness, pirate my work, should my work be pirated. Team members are asked to not share or distribute any book file. If you know someone so desperate to read my books that they are willing to steal, please send them to this page where they may have a chance to obtain an honest copy. 

Not everyone who enters will automatically become an approved review member.