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Book Break with Christmas in the Rockies - Easy Cinnamon Rolls

These book breaks are something I do regularly at my Tales & Tidings blog, and I wanted to share the sweetness over here, so those who follow both blogs will get double the deliciousness this week. You'll discover that the characters in Christmas in the Rockies enjoy a sweet Christmas treat as much as I do, and they work off all those calories with some outdoor fun.

Cinnamon rolls are a Christmas morning tradition in our house. From a young age, I remember that delicious cinnamon and sugar fragrance wafting from the kitchen, and paired with a cup of cocoa as we sat around the tree with a fire blazing nearby. It is still one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Did you know: October 4 is promoted as Cinnamon Roll Day. I did not know this, but I now know what I will eat every October 4 for breakfast, in addition to Christmas morning. All that baking is what makes snowshoeing so important!

Enjoy an Excerpt from Christmas in the Rockies

Duncan let out another energetic laugh and pointed across the street to the snow-covered green in the center of town. “Might you spare a few minutes for me, lad?”

Wyatt nodded, curious at the sudden apprehension he saw in the older man’s eyes, and together they walked across the road. They found a quiet bench under a large aspen tree, its leaves long gone, and made themselves comfortable. A cool wind rustled the branches above them, letting loose a few droplets of dew leftover from the last snowfall. Neither paid it much attention.

“What’s this about, Duncan?”

Duncan draped his arm over the back of the bench and turned toward Wyatt. “I figured you ought to know that she’s come home.”

Wyatt let the softly spoken words penetrate. He didn’t have to ask the name of “she,”’ for Duncan’s expression revealed enough. He cleared his throat, the need to leave overwhelming. “I thought she moved to Scotland.”

“Well, she did until she didn’t. She’s only just returned.”

“To stay?”

“Seems that way. This is her home, lad, just as it is yours.”

Wyatt tried to block the image of Maura Coburn from filling his mind. He should know it was impossible, for no person had ever been as familiar to him as Maura. At inconvenient times during his travels, her image flitted into his thoughts, with the memories of her as real as when they first happened.

Their first walk. The first time he brushed a hand over her silky hair. The first time he made her smile. Their first kiss.

Wyatt looked away from those memories and back to Duncan. “Did she ever tell you why she left?”

“As far as I know, she’s never told anyone.” Duncan laid a fatherly hand on Wyatt’s shoulder.

“She won’t know yet that you’re back, but someone will tell her before too long.”

“Will you?”

“If someone else doesn’t first.”

Wyatt smiled at Duncan. “You’ve always been good for her.”

“So, have you, lad.” Duncan rose from the bench. Wyatt reached out to help him when Duncan shook away the gesture. “I’m not so old yet, my boy.” He grinned. “To be helping myself or to be meddling.”

Wyatt returned the grin. “You’ll outlive us all.”


Wyatt’s smile faded as quickly as it had come. “I can’t leave again to spare her. Not this time.”

Duncan nodded. “Your parents said you’d be coming back to take over the farm.”

“Of course, you knew I’d be returning.” Wyatt laughed, though without great feeling. “Still no secrets around here, are there?”

“Oh, might be one or two yet. Why you left and my girl soon after, that’s still a mystery. I did know you’d be back, though I suppose I hoped you wouldn’t until Maura was settled again.” Duncan turned to walk away but instead shifted on sturdy legs to face Wyatt. “I’m not understanding what you mean by sparing her again.”

Wyatt stared at Duncan’s clear, blue eyes, as bright and sharp as they must been in his youth. “Never mind what I said.” He saw Duncan did not believe him, yet there was no hope for it. They silently agreed to ignore Wyatt’s slip of words. Wyatt wondered how long before he’d have to answer for it. Duncan held out his hand and Wyatt accepted.

“It’s good you’ve finally come home, my boy. It’s where you belong.”

Excerpt from "A Snowy Falls Christmas" in Christmas in the Rockies copyright © McKenna Grey

I hope you make time every now and then to escape into a good book and relax with a pot of tea, or your beverage of choice, and a tasty treat.

The Beverage: Hot Cocoa with whipped cream and a candy cane

The Treat: Cinnamon-Pecan Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze at Home is Where the Boat Is

The Book: Christmas in the Rockies

I've always made cinnamon rolls the old-fashioned way, 100% from scratch, but when there is not an abundance of time, the method in the recipe (link above) is a great alternative. I chop my pecans a bit more than the recipes calls for, but either way tastes great. The frosting is a little too sweet for my tastes, so we use a slightly modified version. Enjoy, and don't forget the post-treat exercise!


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