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Dearest Reader,

Welcome to the news blog for McKenna Grey (that's me)! This blog will not see a lot of action, but my alter-ego, MK McClintock, has plenty going on at the Tales & Tidings blog. Here I will post news related to the books, special offers, giveaways, and perhaps some behind-the-scene info, but sporadically. If you want to learn about my historical writings, enjoy recipes, get book recommendations, and explore Montana through pictures, then head on over to Tales & Tidings and subscribe today.

Why a separate name for my contemporary books? It's simple; I want you to know what you're getting when you pick up one of my books. My contemporary tales (especially the thrillers) are quite different from the historical, so this keeps things simpler.

About me . . . I live and write in Montana. It's that's big, western state below Canada that gets a lot of mention in movies, but most people I talk to still ask if we have high-speed internet. I like it that way, and it's a nice and quiet place to write—at least for now. The world is changing, so no doubt I will one day find myself tucked away, high on a mountain, with no one around for many miles.

In addition to Montana, I've lived on the west coast, throughout the majestic Rockies, and in beautiful New England. I've also had some good times in Scotland and North Carolina. All of my adventures have given me great foundations, ideas, and local color for my writings.

My first book, The Dragon's Staircase, written with Everly Archard, launched the Kyndall Family Thrillers. Since then (post updated April 2021), three more Kyndall installments have released, with the fourth and final about Owen Kyndall is the works. I have so many more wonderful stories I want to share with you; some suspenseful and some sweet and uplifting, and all contemporary.

I hope you'll subscribe to either the blog or newsletter so we can keep in touch. I continue to write historicals, so the two pen names have to share my time.

I am not big on social media, but if Instagram is your thing, I post periodically to my Instagram page.

Until we meet in the pages of my books, may your days be filled with fulfilled dreams, an abundance of kindness, and as many beautiful moments as you can capture.

Your faithful author,

—McKenna Grey

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