A Letter of Shadows

Dearest Reader,

There are days when my life feels as though it mimics the chaos in the thrillers I write, but when I walk away from the story, I realize I've simply carried the intensity of the characters' lives with me. It's exhausting! I'm not far from writing "The End" on my last chapters of Shadow of the Forgotten, book two of the Kyndall Family Thrillers. I was drained when I stopped writing last night, though in a good way. The first half of the book is done with beta reading and pre-edits, and the manuscript will soon be in the hands of my competent editor.

This story has given us a bit of a run-around in the plot department. I had this particular story all planned out since my co-author and I are working off the same outline.

Unfortunately for us, the characters have been uncooperative—some might say even uncontrollable. They seemed to think the story was all about them, and I had to face it, the story is, but I'd like a little head's up when the decide to take me over an emotional cliff with them.

I adore the Kyndalls the more and more time I spend with them, and they are welcome to surprise me any time.

If you haven't already subscribed to the new release newsletter, I hope you will. It's the best way to get new release notifications. Don't miss "Blade of Death," the short story prequel, and book one, The Dragon's Staircase.

Affectionately Yours,


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