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A Letter of Love from the Kyndalls

Dearest Reader,

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing expressions of love from my characters, or should I say, their love for each other. While the Kyndall books are more action-packed and filled with suspense, there's still plenty of romance between these special people. I hope you enjoy them.

Alexa & Craig in

The Dragon's Staircase

“You’re right, the sofa is comfortable.” Alexa handed him the blankets and shut the closet. “Thank you. My instincts tell me to behave one way because I’m as much a victim as Noah and Maureen. Except I can’t be a victim again, Craig, especially now. The best I can do is meet you halfway.”

Craig could see how tired she was and how she fought the exhaustion. “Then halfway is where we’ll meet. I can’t promise I won’t pull the protective card again.”

“I can live with that.”

He loved her smile, even when it was fleeting and mired with fatigue. The gentle upturn of her lips eased as she held his gaze. All he had to do was reach out and cup the side of her face in his warm palm. Her eyelids closed in a single motion and she pressed against his hand.

Heat and want radiated off her body to meld with his in the air. Craig asked himself how this had happened again. For a man who had been trained to control every emotion, movement, and thought, he couldn’t master any restraint when it came to wanting this woman.

Her eyes drifted back open. “Craig.” This whisper was his undoing. He dropped the blankets and pillow and pulled her close. What happened next could only be described as one soul devouring another. Their lips met, sparked, and he allowed himself to sink into his kiss.

THE DRAGON'S STAIRCASE by McKenna Grey and Everly Archard


Jordan & Heather in

Shadow of the Forgotten

Jordan rose from the bed, the gentle creak filling the sudden silence between them. “How many times do I have to tell you I’m in this all the way before you believe me? This happened to my friends, too, and I want to see this through to the end.” He stood directly behind her, his breathing deep as his hands came up tenderly over her arms. Slowly, he turned her until she faced him. In his deep gray eyes, there was an unwavering sense of determination. His eyes fell lower until they stopped on her lips. She wanted him to kiss her, to take away the fear and postpone the nightmare.

Lust replaced doubt, need replaced common sense, and her plea for him to go became a faint memory.

He waited for a sign of approval from her. She reached out and rubbed the stubble along his jaw before tugging him forward until their lips found each other. The kiss went from sweet and tender to desperate passion. She opened her mouth wider to welcome his tongue as he pulled their bodies closer together.

She didn’t want this moment to end. She wanted to finally give in to the desires that had been burning inside of her since the moment she first saw him. She knew Jordan would never ask for more than she was willing to give and that thought only furthered her desire to be with him.

SHADOW OF THE FORGOTTEN by McKenna Grey and Everly Archard


Donovan and Meghan in

The Wicked Cries Wolf

Meaghan heard his soft steps and caught the faint fragrance of pine that clung to his clothes. Pure male. Those were the words she thought when they first met, and now, more aware of his ruggedness, she shut off the faucet and waited.

What was it about a man on the hunt that caused a shuddering weakness to course through a willing woman’s body? She had no time to process the question before Donovan turned her into his arms. He barely touched her, yet her skin absorbed the heat radiating from his body.

Did she really say love alone wasn’t exciting enough? Words she wanted—needed—to say filled her mind even as having his body so close clouded her thoughts. “I want to forget.”

They stepped together in tandem to close the narrow space between them. Donovan lowered his head, and she lost herself in the gentle pressure and warmth of his lips. Every frustration and fear went into the kiss until it consumed them both.

Compulsion clawed its way to the surface and drove through her limbs until arms and hands circled Donovan’s neck and brought them closer. His strength pressed into her lower back, both smooth and fierce, gentle and commanding.

He pulled away first. Meaghan almost questioned why when she heard it, too.

The Wicked Cries Wolf by McKenna Grey


And a note for those who aren't keen on graphic scenes in books: don't worry, these books aren't racy. Sexy, suspenseful, and adventurous, yes, but not racy. :)

What's next for the Kyndalls?

There is another novel planned, and perhaps another short story or two. "Blade of Death," the short story prequel, wasn't included above since there isn't a romance line in it, but don't miss what I hope you'll feel is an entertaining installment to the series.

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Happy Saint Valentine's Day!


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