Content Guide for McKenna Books


To give readers an idea of the content of my books, I've provided content information on this page. Each person might have their own definition of book content ratings, so I've created my own, specifically for the books I write.

McKenna Grey Book Ratings 

Sweet & Clean (G): Just as the rating implies, these are sweet romances that never go beyond kisses. No sex, no leading up to it, just good, wholesome, romance stories.

Guilt-Free (G-PG): These stories have touches of mystery and romance and are clean, without being sweet. They don't have the violence of the thrillers but may contain some elements of suspense.

Thrills & Chills (PG-13): No sex or romance, but some violence.*


Thrills & Spice (PG-13): No sex, but a little spice that may lead up to sex without graphic description (closed-door). The violence isn't gory, but it's there.*


Language Content:

My books do not contain explicit language . . . for the most part. Some of the Kyndall Family Thrillers do contain a small amount of language, but it's mild. Some of my other books may contain a few words along the lines of "hell," "damn," "bloody," etc.). I personally don't like explicit language, and these words are used sparingly, if at all.

The second-chance romance books contain no swearing.


*Violence Content:

Many of the characters in the romantic suspense/thriller books work in some type of law enforcement or are ex-military. Guns are used and the books contain related violence similar to what is found in thrillers or action movies. There's nothing gory. Rape and violence against children are never depicted, though there may be mention without description. Some may be sensitive to it, others may not. Please use your own judgment. 

The second-chance romance books contain no violence.